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FRIENDS ONLY! Comment to be added


Starting December 16, 2006, this journal is officially FRIENDS ONLY! To view my graphics, please visit my graphic's journal at: obsessive_art.

Friend me IF:
- We have at least two or three things in common (check profile for interests)
- You update your journal and comment your friend's journals
- You're a nice person that loves to comment and show some love every once in a while
- You have patience to read long rants that might come up every now and then

That's all I ask. But...

DO NOT Friend me IF:
- You just want to make "more" friends for the heck of it
- We don't really have anything in common

COMMENT HERE, please, after adding me. I'd like to know who adds me so I can add them back as well, because I don't check my profile to see who added me on a daily bases... ^^; But you must add me first before I add you.

Oct. 28th, 2005

Tis the page with the resources to all my icons.

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